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Suggest a Book

  • If you wish to recommend material for purchase by the library, please provide as much information as you can. * = required

    Note: The purpose of this form is for you to request the purchase of a book or media that the Library does not currently own. The titles requested are subject to the Library's selection policies. Requests will be forwarded to the appropriate individual for consideration. Please also note that it takes time to acquire and process the items you request.

    Before submitting this request, make sure it is not already in the Library's collection by first checking the online catalog.
  • If you wish to submit an anonymous recommendation, please fill out a form and deposit it into the suggestion box in reference.

    On-line requests require a mailing address or telephone number.. We will be unable to process your on-line request if you do not complete the needed information.
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  • Boise State University Faculty may submit requests for library material using this form or by contacting the Library Liaison for their Academic Department: Library Liaisons